Private website of Jonas Raagaard

>> 28/05 2020

Hi there! :) Jonas here. I see you made it to this dull corner of the internet. I don't really have that much to show here for the moment.
I should have put up some really nice looking portfolio and such. But you know. Life is busy!

So how about a really old portfolio video! With corny music! You can have that!

Otherwise I spend some time running Looking after the kiddos, work and the managing the Princess to absolute perfection! <3
While also making a few games on the side for good measure. One dungeon crawling board game. And one local multiplayer couch thing.

And thanks for dropping by. My personal site has had this empty white background for ages. This mid 2020 website update is BIIIIIG!

If you for some reason. Feel free to drop me a line on

Sometimes I write some stuff on Twitter ...that nobody usually likes or retweets.

If you are a game developer and feeling super frisky! You could go over to my site
And create a profile and write about your game or whatever. I would totally appreciate that! It's quite the lurker forum.
So don't expect that much response. But people are nice and helpful usually. If you can shake them up.

Otherwise thanks for dropping by! That's so nice and curious of you. :)